Choosing LED Moving Flame Wax Candle

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The Mirage moving flame wax candle by Candle Impressions uses remarkable light-moving technology to create the ambience and feel of a lit flame. Open flames produce many hazards and inconveniences, especially if there are many candles incorporated in your décor. These candles provide the look of moving flame without the risk of fire or wax drips. Made with real wax, these candles look and feel like the real thing, while the moving flame technology provides a flickering flame that delivers the ambience of a flame.

LED candles are cost-effective! Because they can be reused and have outstanding battery life, meaning users will save a substantial amount in replacement costs throughout the life of their flameless candle. Flame-free candles have up to 650hours in battery life and users can rest assured that they will not be forced to change batteries every time they need a light.

LED candles do no generate any sort of heat and do not present the same fire hazards as open flame candles. Most importantly, the moving flame wax candle is safe and easy for children to use and around pets. This makes them perfect for everyday décor and gift giving.
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LED candles have become an affordable, safe, and convenient way to set the mood and create an ambient atmosphere in any space. With the look of a moving flame, this wax candle provides the look, feel, and flicker of real fire without the hazards.


The Mirage moving flame wax candle by Candle Impressions helps to eliminate those wax drips and hard to clean trays. With the flameless candle, you get the look of moving flame, without the odour or the mess. LED candles are a clean and convenient way to set the mood and create an ambient atmosphere.

Remote Control Flame

Technology has advanced such that you can have the ambience and atmosphere that lit candles provide at the touch of a button. Now, owners can turn the candles on and off from across the room or can set the candle to be lit on a programmable schedule.


A moving flame wax candle gives the illusion of a lit flame without any of the mess or fire risks associated with an open flame. Made from real wax, the candles give the look and feel of a real flame, but are reusable and very cost-effective. Choosing LED candles can help people save on the cost of replacing their open flame candles, not to mention the benefits for the environment. 

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